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Our delivery services are available across Scunthorpe and surrounding areas.
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Wedding flowers

Get flowers and floral arrangements for your special day. We'll be happy to provide flowers that suit the theme of the wedding and your preferences.
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Funeral flowers

We supply a selection of flowers that will help you add warmth and colour to a funeral. We make personalised wreaths and posies.
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Bouquets, posies and more!

Whether you want to give someone a single red rose or a bouquet of their favourite blooms, Flowers By Janet has got you covered.

Friendly and professional florists in Scunthorpe

Put a smile on someone's face or let them know you care with a beautiful assortment of flowers. Flowers and floral arrangements are great for weddings, celebrations and special occasions and help to make funeral services feel more heartfelt, personal and beautiful.

You can send flowers simply because it's a great day to remind someone how much you love them. You don't really need a reason to send flowers or to treat yourself with your favourite blossoms. Contact Flowers By Janet to deliver flowers and spread the love.

Your order will be hand-delivered by a friendly member of our team and we even provide same-day delivery services. You can also consult our professional florists for advice on flower selection and arrangements.

We serve locations around Scunthorpe

"You delivered flowers to my mum on Mother's Day and they lasted well over 3 weeks. She was really impressed. I was also impressed with the delivery service as someone rang me on the day for further instructions when they couldn't get an answer at the house. Flowers were beautiful and the service was fantastic. Thank you!"
- Helen Handley
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Flowers By Janet is a local flower shop that provides delivery in Scunthorpe and surrounding areas.

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